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This is a collection of 24 rented homes, 1 leased retail shop, and an even area of land (0.4 acres) with planning for 12 private dwellings – 4 flats, 4 terraced homes, and 4 semi-detached homes. The whole of this property can be found at or next to the junction of Bradford Road and Hunsworth Lane between Cleackheaton town center and Chain Bar (Junction 26 of the M62).

I realize this election was especially emotional for many people. Most are truly affected in a deep and real way. Some cultural people have expressed that their faith was shaken to the core. Some have experienced true depression and have trouble getting up. Just how do we begin to heal as a country divided? The election is over but the effort is just starting. I have written in the past that regardless who is elected in 2016, our country will be confronted with many dire problems. The next is a two-page contract that Donald Trump made out of the American Voter. I, for one, will be watching and seeing what’s actually achieved before keeping judgment.

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The Democratic party is in disarray right now. It is in the same position as the GOP after the election of Barack Obama in 2008. It will back again recover and come. It shall devote some time and some introspection. We need both ongoing parties to keep our elected officials on the feet.

A one party dominates government is never good. “Power tends to corrupt,” said Lord Acton, the 19th-century British historian. The winners in this election routine for the most part of the sociable people outside of government. Wikileaks played an important role. The big losers were the Media, the pollsters, the political pundits, Hollywood celebrities that supported Hillary, Academics in Universities and career federal government bureaucrats.

The revelations of Wikileaks can’t be under estimated. It exposes corruption whatsoever known levels. They did the working job of the Press that was their mandate from our Constitution. I am hoping that the mass media shall become popular again. I will not hold my breath. Thou shalt not carry false see against thy neighbor – 8th Commandment. Lying is one of the very most damaging areas of life. That’s the reason we teach our children from very young to tell the truth. That is why our courtroom system relies on truth testimony to exonerate the innocent and punish the guilty. That’s the reason it is at the top 10 set of God. The media including the NY Times.

They recently needed to issue an apology with their readers. Their moreover biased coverage and, their arrogance in their support of Hillary actually hurt the procedure. They gave their readers a false sense of confidence that Hillary would win. So much so that lots of voters didn’t come out in the same quantities for Obama in 2012. There were over 5 million fewer votes on the Democratic aspect.