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Disclaimer: This post includes PR Samples provided by Beauty Big Bang for review purposes. I would like to give thanks to Beauty Big Bang for sending the products. All product information is thanks to Beauty Big Bang. All opinions are 100% my own. Last month I wrote a review on a mermaid makeup brush set from Beauty Big Bang, well today I’ll share my applying for grants this Unicorn Makeup Brush set I recently received from the company.

This is another clean set that appears so pretty in my own mameup brush collection. Much like the mermaid brushes, these unicorn brushes are so popular in the beauty world right now! The lavender color is completely gorgeous (the handles look lavender to me, even although description state governments white). I would like to have seen an option to order this set with lavender deals with and white bristles.

The multi color bristles on the brush are fairly, but it seems a little occupied. The bristles are so smooth and remain gentle after being washed. These brushes are very durable and do not shed after being washed or when you apply your makeup. I did noticed that some of the bristles were quite long on some of the eye makeup brushes. I love that brushes are so affordable really. Let’s be honest here depending on where you get unicorn or mermaid brushes, they can be a little costly. I love companies that provide good quality products without being overpriced. Sure it might take about 14 days or so to get your package if you reside in the U.S.

If I don’t will my visitors be there? EASILY say this will they like it? Will I offend someone? Those are some of the questions Personally i think when it comes to blogging now. When I must say i think about it, I felt better when there was no pressure to blogging. I’m most likely the only one who feels this “pressure”, but at the very least it’s there and I feel a little weighed down because of it.

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So to reply to your question, would I continue steadily to blog easily didn’t have remarks? Yes, and honestly I think I’ll be better at it! The mind-boggling consensus on blog etiquette was…… If someone remarks on your site, make an effort to reply back. At least make a visit to their blog.

= $ =p> the time is taken by me, specially when a post speaks to me and I think we have to all do this. After reading this I felt it was a good point, and a sensible way to go through the presssing issue of commenting. It had been also mentioned in the comments that you have to give comments to be able to receive comments.

Sounds quite definitely like… Do unto others as you’ll keep these things do unto you! Among many bloggers time dedication came up as a concern. Many said they did not have the time to comment to all that leave comments on their weblogs back. I can totally recognize that for the larger blogs which have a sizable amount of daily comments it would be virtually impossible to keep up with responding to each comment.

I was a bit surprised at just how many bloggers said these are more thinking about seeing supporters added than the comments. I really like a good comment personally. It is the one and only way I, as a blog author, can know if I am reaching my readers. Nearly all commenter’s said they didn’t like to gain fans by offering giveaways.

I was a little amazed by this since this appears to be a common practice in blog land. The Quality of Comments Vs. Most blog writers seemed to want genuine heartfelt comments vs. Here is what one reader said very simply and also to the point…. It is a good question Kathysue. And my answer is not probably.

To the idea and simply put, and I think we all know exactly what she is talking about. I’ll say I’d rather one genuine comment than a large number of impersonal, obligatory ones. And I also realize I can’t leave dozens of genuine comments a day, so I focus on blogs where a realtionship has developed.