Kind Classics: Natural Makeup

When I need makeup for work, particular date for a fun, or for a business meeting, I want the items that can make me look my best! There are soooo many makeup options out there in the world, it’s almost enough to operate a vehicle a woman crazy. Fortunately that with specific requirements for the type of makeup (or any of your cosmetics) you use really narrows down the taking part in the field and can make finding the perfect makeup less frustrating.

I believe that I have really done my research, living this real method for so a long time, and having so many make-up musician friends to help me sort through the endless companies out there to get the ones that perform the best. I’ve been lucky to have Robert Steinken enough, a fabulous hair and make-up artist, and Kara Yoshimoto, another great make-up artist, help me from my search.

Just beware cause some natural companies involve some seriously not pretty, and downright scary looking metallic-colored products sometimes. Some companies, which I mention in my own lists as my favorites might make other products that aren’t that great. Just because I love a certain brand’s concealer doesn’t imply that their eye shadows won’t be really scary and metallic¬¶ So just be careful! A very important thing to do is to go test out products at green stores or Whole Foods, for the best ones for you.

Now remember, with great diet, most of the time I don’t wear any makeup, and still feel pretty and fresh. And you should too feel that way! But I understand it’s fun to get all done up sometimes, so, here we opt for my list. They are my favorites in makeup. I’d love to hear in what you guys use and love.

  • 1 teaspoon of strained cucumber juice
  • Edition number is put on each Canvas Limited Edition
  • Has a lackluster and tired appearance overall
  • 4 years back from Oregon
  • Line your soap molds with wax paper for easy removal
  • Gray Hair
  • Keep Things Interesting
  • I will fear no evil for you are with me

I usually just use Zuzu Luxe Concealer rather than foundation and just do spot treatments, rather than covering my whole face. When I’m working I want the heavier stuff for the camera usually. But I haven’t found a foundation that I swear by, therefore I need your recommendations! I like Kiss My Face Tinted Moisturizer a whole great deal, however when the ingredients are read by me it seems kind of unnatural if you ask me, so I wonder why not use the icky regular stuff just? I believe it’s much better than the regular stuff, however, not sure how much.

These foundations seem like good options and please I want to know what you utilize! I love all of these, but keep in mind, we want for better options. I don’t think that any of these are perfect… But I know they are way much better than Maybelline and all of those other regular brands out there on the marketplace.