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That’s finished . The global economy has been trying to come to grips with since 2008. We still haven’t resolved these debts problems. Mr. Turk personal references 2008 on three events in both of these statements. In the past seven years, what must be known is everything has transformed. If you own the gold you are in a far greater position than if you don’t own the gold…taking it right down to the trade level and I think that’s very, very important.

They take the I.O.U.s of countries that can’t fulfill on that promise; of the day because at the end, goods and services are paid for with goods and services. In the event that you pay someone with an I.O.U. ‘not being paid. He’s not being paid until he converts that I.O.U. We’ve got this huge deposition of I.O.U.s around the global world expressed in global reserves and a lot of the global reserves, the I.O.U.s, are going to be defaulted upon. That’s basic economics 101. The United States has not utilized basic economics 101 for over 40 years.

I think London has been pretty much emptied out – I don’t think there’s a lot gold remaining in London that’s designed for shipment elsewhere. From mixed demand from India and China Just, there is a supply deficit of yellow metal. Actually, the global platinum market has been working with a supply deficit since at least the mid-1990’s. Frank Veneroso was the first analyst/expert to figure this out predicated on conversations in his meetings as a consultant with the world’s Central Banks.

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Veneroso forecasted that eventually the price of gold would have to explode higher once the demand completely overcome the source. GATA found on Veneroso’s work and began a campaign to teach the world about the traditional western Central Bank strategies being utilized to keep carefully the price of platinum suppressed in order to prop up the legitimacy of paper fiat currencies. James Turk is a long time consultant to GATA and, in my opinion, understands as much about the global platinum market as anyone.

The GLD prospectus is quite clear that the shares are not supported by gold. It says the structure was made to monitor the price tag on the yellow metal. Dave Kranzler (Investment Research Dynamics) and I hosted James Turk on our Shadow of Truth project. We cover the latest developments in the Greece/EU saga, the condition of “backwardation” in the London yellow metal market and the catastrophic level of debt globally. We also discuss in-depth why GLD likely has very little physical gold sitting in its vault that is lawfully possessed by the Trust and the reasons why the supply/demand deficit will lead, eventually, to higher prices for platinum.

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Not surprisingly, I think the newer robo-advisors have a substantial benefit over traditional brokerages and mutual fund companies as it pertains to appealing to young traders. They’re transparent, easy, fairly priced, and mobile-ready. Of your day By the end, however, it doesn’t matter as much where you make investments but that you make investments somewhere.

I was there because I needed to trek the encompassing mountains. These were rumored to be beautiful and didn’t disappoint. I’d had a continuous run of fortune prior to that getting around the country by firmly taking trips, and decided to try hitchhiking from back to Chengdu there. After about 20 bone-chilling minutes, several guys picked me up and drove like mad men through the mountain passes.