The Current Liquidity Ratio Is 1.53

I do not own this stock Keyera Corp (TSX-KEY, OTC-KEYUF). I began to review a few of the stock recommended by Jennifer Dowty from a column she had written and I analyzed in February 2010 on Dividends and Special Dividends. The name of the article in Investor’s Digest was Dividend Stocks: Buy, Hold, and Collect. Jennifer is a Collection Supervisor for Manulife Asset Management Small now. This stock was talked about at the recent World Money Show in Toronto also. Everyone appeared to love this stock.

The dividend yield is good at 4%. 12 months and 8 yr dividend development rate were 6 The 5.9% and 8.2% per yr. This is a vintage income trust stock also. They did not reduce the dividends on changing to a corporation, a year before starting to improve them again but instead kept the dividends level for. The stock is still paying dividends on a monthly basis. The Dividend Payout Ratios especially for earnings is high. The 5-year median DPR is 99% earnings and it is 54% for cashflow.

Shareholders have been making money out of this stock. Outstanding Shares have increased by 4.9% and 18% per calendar year over the past 5 and a decade. Shares have increased due to Debenture conversions, Share, and DRIP Issues. Revenue has increased by 15% and 91% per year over the past 5 and 9 years.

Revenue per Share has increased by 9.4% and 62% per year within the last 5 and 9 years. Earnings growth is a bit not the same as the revenue growth. Here the best growth has been within the last 5 years, than before the last 5 years rather. EPS is continuing to grow at the pace of 48% per year over the past 5 years with 15% per year within the last 9 years.

However, calendar-year running averages if you take a look at 5, the growth over the past 5 years is leaner at 24% per season. Operational PROFIT PERCENTAGE (CF/Revenue) Ratio have not done as well as revenue either. This proportion strikes a high in 2009 2009 and fell strongly for 2010 2010 and 2011 then. It was up by 17% in 2012. So until 2012, this ratio was going in the wrong direction.

Cash circulation has been increasing by 8% and 15% per yr within the last 5 and 8 years. However, if you look at the 5-year operating average over the past 5 years you get a 5 calendar year increase that is way better at 19% per yr. This company does have the right development and the best development happens to be coming from revenue. The Return on Equity was at 14.7% for the financial calendar year of 2012. The ROE has been above 10% for days gone by 5 years which is a good sign.

Also, the ROE on comprehensive income reaches 14.7% for 2012 and this is also good. As with a great deal of utilities, this ongoing company has plenty of debts. The existing Liquidity Ratio is 1.53. It offers before being below 1.00 and this is not good as a proportion below 1.00 means that the existing resources cannot cover the current liabilities.

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The Debt Ratio is 1.46. It was better in 2012 at 1.50. It would be preferred by me to be at 1.50. This proportion has been falling since the pressing issue of this stock company. It started off saturated in 2004 at 2 pretty.16, but has been arriving since down. The current Debts/Equity and Leverage Ratios are 3.19 and 2.19. These are rather high but are typical for utilities quite.

I can see why people such as this stock. It has already established a very good income growth and hopefully that will turn up in very good earnings and cash flow growth in the future. This ongoing company is into the infrastructure area of the energy sector. The infrastructure area of the energy sector generally has a solid and steady earning and can make good money for his or her shareholders as time passes.