Gone To The Dogs?

There is just one little reality left out of this tale: allowing canines at restaurants is illegal. The Kingfish spoke to the Mississippi State Department of Health insurance and learned a few things. 6-501.115 of the 2017 Food Code says that animals are prohibited not just from the building, but from the premises of a food establishment.

There is a short set of exclusions to the rule as long as contamination of food, equipment, utensils, and linens cannot result. Those exceptions include seafood tanks, patrol dogs accompanying security officials, and service pets. MSDH will not allow pets on a food facility veranda unless it’s a predicament in an outdoor mall where in fact the food facility does not have any ownership or control of the back yard. Those nice desks outside Bravo that are serviced by Bravo?

Don’t even consider it. The desks in the courtyard downstairs? Those are probably fine as far as the Department of Health can be involved. Kingfish note: The regulation should be changed to permit the owner of the establishment to permit dogs as he sees fit. A restaurant can limit canines by breed or size if it so desires.

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Big metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Houston, Orlando, and Atlanta allows dogs on patios as as there is a separate outside entry long. Several states have passed laws allowing such access in the last decade. The key is another outdoor entrance. Babalu and Kiefers wouldn’t normally move muster under such rules while Anjou, Walkers, and Ticos would.

So many restaurants in Georgia were allowing the furry friends that the State Health Department transformed its legs to reflect reality. Georgia’s Section of Public Health says dogs on leashes are allowed in outdoor dining areas now. Many restaurants in Georgia allow dogs already, but the department says making it official will improve safety.

Georgia’s Department of Public Health says dogs on leashes are now allowed in outdoor eating areas. Many restaurants in Georgia already allow canines, but the division says that makes it standard will improve basic safety. “It had been a practice that was occurring, however, not being allowed,” said Chris Kumnick, deputy director of environmental health services at the Department of Public Health.

If Dallas, Houston, and Chicago can get it right, Mississippi can too (Don’t say it.). More organizations have patios. Patios bring business. Taking your dog on the walk and visit a friend on the patio at Stinky Beans or La Brioche? You should be able to sit down and revel in a triple shot blueberry cinnamon gluten-free iced latte with espresso ice cubes with both of friends and family.

The Kingfish understands there are diners who might not enjoy a allowing dogs in an outdoor patio. However, this is the beautiful part about capitalism and free marketplaces. It’s the owners right to provide the service and how it is provided. The owner can make a decision based on what he thinks will please the customers. The state should get out of his way and allow him to do so with this matter.

The economist Jovanovic wrote, about a one fourth of a century ago, “efficient companies grow and survive; inefficient companies fail” and decline. That’s because the logic is not entirely wrong. The marketplace is Darwinian, and the companies with the best level of “fitness” will be the ones most likely to prevail. However, our Darwinian view of business is also so imperfect and simplistic that I am unsure whether it could make Mister Charles Robert Darwin cringes, burst out laughing, or draw the hairs from his famously bulging beard in agony. Darwinian mechanisms – or market mechanisms if you prefer – specifically just work at different levels.