DSW’s Future In Shoe Retailing

This shopping experience made me interested in finding more about its supply chain management. In this article that I found, it talks about how exactly DSW began as a close-out merchant, and then shifted its strategy in the mid 2000s and became a shoes specialty dealer. While on average a DSW store is 20,000 rectangular feet, it still has limited space to keep a lot of products, and thus inventory management is crucial for each store.

Just as DSW effectively shifted its strategy and achieved a good inventory and offer chain management, a fresh challenge has arrived – to continue its focus on physical stores or proceed to the web? Predicated on my personal experience, their online business appears to be pretty good. However, for customers who are looking for more variety of versatility and products of returns, Zappos is a lot more appealing than DSW. As customers’ purchase behavior shifts, should DSW put more initiatives to compete in online business? If so, how would this affect their physical stores?

I suggest rotating which posts are pinned rather than allowing any post sit there for longer than 1-2 days. You never know how many repeat visitors are arriving to your Page so you want to keep it fresh to them. Page admins can pick to show any post made by the Page or by others as ‘dual wide’ – indicating the post spreads across both columns of the Timeline.

Hover more than a post and click the star icon to showcase. Posts created by others (followers and non-fans) are in a small box at the very top right called Recent Posts by Others. You can scroll in this field without leaving your wall: first click ‘More Posts’ on the lower left of the package and use your mousewheel or the vertical scroll bar. Or click ‘See All’ for a popup package.

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You cannot arranged a default wall structure view – it’s always Highlights. I’m viewing a few disappointed page owners discuss this. I have a tendency to agree with the fact – the new Timeline for Pages design appears to really prefer brands and businesses showcasing themselves vs. However, with creative use of your cover image and changing it regularly, I really believe you can build a wonderful culture of mutual respect between you and your fans. You can now reposition photos shared by you or others on your page: hover and click on the edit pencil, then click Reposition photo, then drag the image where you want to buy, and click Save.

Fans and visitors can now private Message fan admins – you can change this feature off in your settings but it might be a good idea to leave it on to encourage connection from prospects! You cannot start communications as your page; you can only just communicate via Messages when someone associates you first.

The one drawback of yet another method of communication is that you might need to add more community managers to deal with the increase in email messages. You’d be surprised at just how many people start to contact you via your page! It takes several more clicks to get to the various settings of your Page now. You might have to dig deep to find features which were once just one click away. Spam. Following that, hover within the spam icon to the right of any post that is not spam, and click Unmark as Spam. So, those are 21 key points I’ve compiled.

I’m sure there are many more to add – stay tuned for additional content on the subject of the new Timeline for both Pages and personal Profiles. Meantime, here are even more tips and resources to help you with this journey of understanding the latest circular of Facebook changes. Unlike many of Facebook’s past product launches and show upgrades, the business has outdone itself this time with the comprehensive range of guidance for the Timeline design for webpages. You may need to disable popup blockers for the course to begin temporarily.

View more Facebook video guides here. Read the revised Page Guidelines here. Download Facebook’s PDF Pages Overview here. Want to read up about how other businesses are creating success with Facebook’s variety of products? Check out this nifty, interactive source – Facebook Success Stories. You managed to get down here! Good news – when you convert your page to the new Timeline design, you won’t lose anything.

Well, that is, unless you’re an area business with a Place Page, then you will lose your Recommendations, for now. I understand they are arriving back in the next fourteen days. Last week I did see that anyone could still write a Recommendation for your business and post with their personal profile to talk about with their friends – the popup shows upon clicking so on button.