All About Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

The tool provides a wizard-like method of deploying content between PWA sites. The chosen content is exported using this content Migration API (PRIME), offering a .cmp file (Content Migration Package) which can be copied to other machines. 1. Run the application form as an administrator, choose Export, and enter the URL of your PWA site. 2. Choose from the Export content tree view, right go through the selected content and click Export. You can also use Include Descendant option on the container objects such as Webs.

I would prefer to select one list at a time, import it as .cmp file, and re-run the wizard to make a then .cmp document of another list. 3. After selecting the list, select Next to go to the next scree where we have to configure the settings before developing an export document. Do the following configurations and click next.

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Re-run the wizard again if there are other dates have to be exported. Progress: Import did not complete. The transfer process saves the current version of Sharepoint server during the process, so when you make an effort to export the document into the different Sharepoint version, the procedure fails. 5a. Change this CMP file to CAB, draw out the file to be able to gain access to SystemData.xml in the CAB document and modify the version information there.

5b. You will have to create a new CAB file again after making the changes above. CMP to run import. 6. Run the wizard, choose the Import option and get into the URL of your PWA 2010 website in both boxes. Retain object IDs: Keep it un-checked if you would like your list to be created and configured within the PWA site. 8. The import process will execute in the next step and can open up a log apply for you at the end of the procedure.

If it’ll be finished successfully with no errors, you can simply go to your PWA 2010 site renew the web page and will see the changes. CAB file. And run as administrator the sharpening 2010 Management Shell to import the content. In summary, if you have a need to just import a PWA list from an existing Sharepoint 2007 plantation to a SharePoint 2010 farm, there are several ways to accomplish this job. Which method you should use will depend on the tools that available for you, and your familiarity with all of them.

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