Kylie Jenner Poses For YOUR BATHROOMS Selfie With Jordyn

It’s a habit of women around the world, during a particular date heading off to the restroom collectively. And while in lots of ways her jet-setting gilded life couldn’t be more taken off that of her fans, in this habit Kylie Jenner is similar to anyone else just. The 21-year-old reality star turned make-up billionaire joined her BFF Jordyn Woods in the restroom, on Sunday even getting a selfie.

Never let your spouse friend use the restroom by herself,’ she captioned the snap. Sister Khloe Kardashian, who’s currently in Cleveland, gushed on the image. You are so breathtakingly beautiful,’ she wrote. I don’t even have words anymore! How are you this gorgeous in a baggy t-shirt and a beanie?

The two were in Minneapolis, with Kylie chartering a private jet to go to the town for partner Travis Scott’s concert at the mark Center. Along for the trip was the couple’s infant daughter Stormi, who flew in comfort with her Jordyn and mother. Kylie used her trip to publicize her make-up line, having landed massive makeup products deal with Ulta Beauty lately.

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Share Popping into an area branch of the store, she chose some buys – naturally from her own collection. So we’re going to Ulta because we forgot my luggage and I don’t have any makeup,’ she was up to date by her 121 million Instagram enthusiasts. Kylie and Jordyn, who swung into Ulta Beauty for a couple Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, discovered Woods’ latest makeup campaign with TooFaced. Those are Jordyn’s lip area, guys,’ the new mom said, directing to a polished lipstick screen. The duo were joined by Kylie’s 10-month-old little girl, Stormi. Pretty in pink: The duo were joined up with by Kylie’s 10-month-old little girl.

Boss babes: Kylie and Jordyn, who swung into Ulta Beauty for a few Kylie Makeup products lip kits, stumbled upon Woods’ latest makeup campaign with TooFaced. Stormi will take the snow,’ the makeup mogul captioned an image of her infant in a pink snowsuit and Carhartt beanie. The KUWTK star, a supportive yet strategic girlfriend, made a decision to peddle her own lip kits while on the highway. She repackaged some of her favorite lip colors to sell alongside the ASTROWORLD products. Pucker up: The KUWTK celebrity may also be peddling lip sets while on the road with Scott.

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