Upon Delivery OF THE Financial Plan

Citigroup Inc. and its affiliates do not provide taxes or legal services. To the extent that this material or any connection concerns tax matters, it isn’t intended to be used and cannot be utilized by a taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed by law. Any such taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer’s particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. This service can include an investment advisory relationship limited exclusively to the planning and delivery of a Financial Plan, a thorough written financial plan customized to the client’s specific financial circumstances.

The advisory relationship terminates either when CGMI provides a Financial Plan to the client or as otherwise explained upon notice or information received from CGMI. Upon delivery of the Financial Plan, there is absolutely no responsibility for the client or CGMI to put into action the Financial Plan. For more information, see the financial planning service as described inside our Citi Clarity brochure.

Citi Personal Wealth Management is a small business of Citigroup Inc., that provides investment products through Citigroup Global Markets Inc. (CGMI), member SIPC. Insurance is offered through Citigroup Life Agency LLC (CLA). In California, CLA does business as Citigroup Life Insurance Agency, LLC (license quantity 0G56746). CGMI, CLA, and Citibank, N.A.

Gaining work experience in the industry is vital. Completing an internship with an investment bank or investment company is a very important way to boost your likelihood of securing a job. Most investment banking institutions offer some of their interns full-time positions. The application process is similar to that of graduate techniques. Internships are open to penultimate-year students normally.

  • Advocate for yourself
  • Buy back shares
  • Investment Banking Division
  • Five yr deposit plan
  • What were the business’ (activity) priorities

Experience gained in back-office functions in an investment bank demonstrates a long-term dedication to working within the industry. Part-time work or holiday work at your chosen organization can be very valuable also, especially at the selection stage when employers are looking for ways to differentiate between the candidates. Rothschild and Lazard, Jefferies and Greenhill. When you’re choosing which banks to apply to, consider the size of the organization. Joining a larger bank or investment company will normally lead to focusing on much bigger accounts but career progression may be more fast in a smaller company.

It’s also worth looking at the bank’s reputation. Some companies are strong in mergers and acquisitions, while some are renowned because of their work with debt capital. The Guardian’s graduate section on Saturdays. There are some specialist recruitment organizations that offer with investment banking opportunities, such as City Jobs. Competition for positions is fierce, so planning and planning are essential to be successful.