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Short Term Loan (1-6 weeks): Interest charged at a flat 0.25% of loan value monthly. Long Term Loan (1-5 years): Interest charged at flat 3% of loan value per annum. Full Withdrawal with Termination of the product (Surrender Value): Receive back all contributions with no penalty, only loss of processing charge.

Can be done anytime. This product participates in a master account that invests in a number of investments to generate its comes back. About 50% of it is invested in “safe” investments, such as SGS bonds, bonds released by Singapore Stat Boards, and fixed deposits in MAS approved financial institutions.

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1 that might be redeemed in the future. Is a 36% buffer enough for you? So, what do you think about any of it? Anyone care to guess the merchandise? Feel absolve to ask me more questions concerning this product. By the real way, I’m not offering this, in the event anyone was interested. I’ll post the response to the product, if someone guesses it right or if no one gives a shit after a couple of days.

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As Smartis Chief Marketing Matchmaker, Michele has helped a huge selection of businesses find the right PR firm, advertising company, or marketing company. Michele received your small business Award by New York City Mayor’s Office and has been covered by CNN Money Magazine, THE BRAND NEW York Post, The NY Times, NY Post, Week PR, Crains BtoB industry, and Journal blogs.

It is a totally different job scope and industry for me so I will be learning new things and taking on new challenges to advance in my career. I’ll prefer to improve on my marketing communications skills, build-up my network, and further improve myself. Saving money continues to be an essential requirement in my life. However, over the years, I realized there is a limit to how much I could save if I do not increase my income. Changing jobs and creating more streams of income allowed me to earn much more and save more along the way. Since I’ve started a fresh job in 2017, the focus will be on career advancement.

I will be able to save 50% of my income easier with higher income now and in the foreseeable future. I will also be looking to increase my investments in stocks and shares as I see opportunities to purchase the market recent weeks and in the upcoming year. Increasing my investments means more dividend income from stocks, that will increase my cash flow and cost savings to redeploy on the market also. Besides money, relationships too are important. Because of my girlfriend’s support and encouragement, I feel I have become a better person. I hope I have given her joy and made an optimistic impact in her life as well.

For the entire year 2017, I will make an effort to create a more positive impact for the individuals in my own life and through my blog. I have been motivated before and it transformed my entire life really. What are your targets for 2017? If you’ve not created any goals, it’s good to invest some time to think of some goals you would like to achieve this year.

Personally, setting up goals has given me the reason and motivation for my entire life. You will want to set some for yourself and observe how it computes for you? SG Young Investment is a financial blogger in his late 20s that have a passion for finance and investment. SGYI has written more than 300 articles on casing, CPF, investments, and personal fund which to time, has attracted more than 3 Million views on his blog.