While The Bundle Is Sold Out

Whether you like her or well, don’t, Kylie Jenner’s beauty game is hard to deny. From her ever evolving hairstyles to her makeup looks, she’s usually pretty perfect. Now, Kylie Makeup products is selling Kylie Jenner’s exact makeup looks in bundles so fans can get the same look as the beauty mogul.

While Jenner almost always creates a fanfare about new collaborations and selections on social mass media (she just fell news of her summer time collection), sometimes the mogul and her brand don’t bring in new things in substantial ways. That seems to be the situation with Jenner’s bundled makeup looks. In the event that you check out the Kylie Makeup products website, you will discover an entire section dedicated to “Bundles & Sets” at the top of the brand’s page.

Once there, you will see Jenner’s usual collection of products including the newly released KoKo Kollection, her new GLOSSY set, and choices of eyeshadows and other collaborations. However, there’s something new as well. If you keep scrolling, you’ll soon find Jenner’s VMAs Makeup Bundle with a picture of the reality star.

Keep going and there’s more. Clearly, Jenner knows that her audience doesn’t just love her products. In addition they love just how she wears them. By creating these bundles, she’s making fans happy while also making a buck. Currently, the Kylie Makeup products website features three of Jenner’s looks. The foremost is the makeup she wore to the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

The makeup, created by Jenner’s makeup designer Ariel Tejada, features her Bronze Extended palette, Coconut Lip Liner, Dulce de Leche creme lipstick, and the Fiji Ultra Glow highlighter. As for the cost, the kits differ based on how many items are in the look, but the downside is that there’s no discount for purchasing the products as a collection. Jenner’s VMAs makeup products are simply bundled.

However, if you liked her lip look for the event and own the palette already, you now know precisely what she wore and can snag it on its own. Another set features Jenner’s Met Gala glam. While the package away comes, like with the VMAs package, you can get a glance at all the products she wore to get the neural look she paired with her crimson wig.

If you want her exact lip combo or complexion products, you can still buy them separately. Jenner’s looks are also not the only ones you can recreate. The fact that the Kylie Makeup products owner wants to collaborate with her sisters isn’t exactly a key. She’s done collabs with most of them minus Kendall, but that one is apparently on the way.

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Of course, one of her sisters has their own makeup look bundled on the site. The Kylie Makeup products KoKo Glam bundle is Jenner’s sister Khloe Kardashian’s go-to look using her own cooperation. The rose gold products launched ago just a few weeks, and if the collection was desired by you, this may be the package to buy. If you are a lover of Jenner’s eponymous makeup products line and can’t get enough of her makeup appears (or her sisters’), now you can shop Jenner’s exact products. Just check out the Kylie Makeup products website now to really get your very own Kylie look.

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