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Social Media Manager. Build relationships with clients and areas through cultural press stations, with the purpose of web traffic, lead revenue and generation. Create, execute, and revise social media strategy and social media blueprint. Content Strategist. Works with interactive designers closely, visual designers, product, and project managers to: collect business and specialized requirements, analyze user and business needs, define user requirements, and inventory and analyze existing content.

Marketing Manager. Manage brand messaging via marketing, advertising, and promotional activities. Ensures relevant metrics are measured, benchmarks met, personnel performance enhanced and handled areas enriched through designated goals and goals. Director of Marketing. Demonstrate leadership and experience in marketing. Be savvy in various types of offline and online demand generation. Charged with leading an array of community encounters and becoming the brand voice.

Vice President of Marketing. Responsible for determining and leading the strategic direction for the organization’s marketing functions including positioning, brand awareness, traveling demand generation, and business lead nurturing, as the relative head of the section on managing the team. If you’d like more-detailed job descriptions for every role above, please visit Andy’s original blog post as of this link. What was interesting is how fast salaries are rising in the marketing division. Overall, they were up 22.6% year-over-year. This is a summary of how they transformed by role, with Content Sociable and Strategist Media Managers in the most demand.

And as a bonus, you could monetize your post-production expertise, too: Izzy Video (32) is an example of developing out revenue channels through online lessons and training. DJ Skee (presented image) proceeded to go from setting up mixtapes to becoming a social media expert for large brands like T Mobile. Be real for a sec Now.

We all have that friend that probably smokes too much weed who arises with outlandish/outrageous ideas. But they’re borderline genius, too. Boring, bloated companies are now looking for “that guy” desperately. As the web landscape broadens, businesses are looking to get more highly specialized advice. That’s why I’m recommending niche social media consulting.

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If you have particular experience in specific platforms-Snapchat, IG, Facebook – then you can draw down good dollars. Consider it: These businesses are too busy selling auto insurance or selling mattresses or whatever. They’re looking for a person who can connect to their audiences. Absurd levels of creativity and digital savviness required. How to get there: You’ll need to show case studies of how YOU used social media to connect a product or offer to people.

Building out your own private brand will always help, too. Ok last one: Mix bloated corporate costs with politics and sprinkle some health developments at the top. It’s a lovely thing for the opportunity-seeker. Companies have finally realized that buying employee health-particularly mental health-saves millions in lost productivity and skipped work days over time.

Now, companies are hiring outside companies to provide massage, yoga, healthy food, exercise training, meditation, and more. And businesses are hiring outside companies to manage these programs, too. 900 per 12 months per worker on wellbeing programs. When you can land a corporate client with 1 just,000 employees, you’re setting well already. Sure, there might be some corporate red tape, but get that money lol.