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With the Holidays comes parties and engagements, left and right. And with those occasions, it’s time to get dolled up so we draw out the heels, pretty dresses, bling, and lipstick. Wait, I stand corrected, not just lipstick but the whole shebang of makeup. While we look pretty for the night, we should always never forget one golden rule – to remove our makeup before we go to bed and give the skin we have the proper care it requires. Exactly like our feet that can’t just wait to step into the comfiest flip-flops from a night putting on killer heels, our face too needs a breather.

So, here’s could remove my makeup step-by-step and the products I am currently using. Here’s one thing, , , I don’t shortcut this routine. A smidgen of makeup left on the face could mean a zit the next day, and we don’t want that. When I danced within my Stellar recital two years ago, I needed probably applied on my face the thickest amount of makeup I ever did in my life, because I had been carrying out onstage.

We all have different preferred products in getting rid of makeup – cool lotions, wipes, etc. I swear by Shu Uemura Cleaning Essential oil really. I have been using them for 8 years and it’s really effective in removing makeup and dirt in only one step and leaves my skin really clean. Currently, this is what I use, but I believe for this season, when it’s colder I would switch to a more moisturizing method such as Ultimate.

I recommend the red oil for those with oily skin, since it leaves my skin oil-free awesomely. Wipes are good if my makeup is pretty light that day but for a full face of makeup, I whip out my Shu Cleaning Essential oil really. One round usually gets everything, but like I said, depending on how thick your makeup is that day, it might take another round. Don’t forget to extend this to your hairline, close to the ears, or neck and jawline, should you have had makeup applied there. To eliminate eye makeup, I use a q-tip soaked in eye makeup remover to gently remove waterproof eyeliner that would not budge.

  • Facial Cleansers
  • With microabrasives
  • Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Lipgloss in #107
  • Wide variety of choices
  • Use an excellent Skin Cream

I use a cotton pad soaked in eyes and lip makeup remover to eliminate lipstick residue, most especially if I have been wearing long-lasting or dark-colored lipstick. I uncovered this makeup remover from Island Basics a couple of months back and I use it to remove mascara and eyeliner and dark-colored lipstick. It has also been awesome at removing my everyday makeup, while I save my Shu cleaning oil for special occasion makeup. It smells really good, is quite affordable (I think significantly less than Php 200 at Echostore.

So yay! The downside with this though is that since this is not the kind of oil that I could clean off without oil residue, I would really need the excess step of cleaning my face, hence the next phase. Even though I’ve already removed makeup using cleansing oil and cleaned it down with drinking water, I wash my face with facial clean and water still. There might have been a makeup still stuck there and, I must say I want the sensation of residue-free skin, As of the moment, I’m using Ilog Maria’s face soap, since it leaves my skin really clean without that tight, dry feeling.

It’s also got 100 % natural ingredients sourced locally. This task, sometimes I include once a part of the shower during the night, because I also do not like the feel of hairspray on my hair when I go to sleep. Toner closes the skin pores and is the indicator easily did a good job in cleaning my face. It removes whatever residue I’ve left also.