Lake Erie Fly Fishing Guide Service And Weekly River Reports: 9/1/10

The last day of the trip acquired finally come and I had been now sitting on the piece of water that for just two years have been the source of debate about coming to Idaho with fellow SAO guide Ben Barger. I had seen photos, heard the whole stories, some day and thought it might be cool to look, but really wasn’t serious about getting a trip on the books.

As it proved, this was the summer for the trip and I had been here finally. Idaho and Wyoming and the conversation turned to this last piece of water (left nameless on purpose). Actually, based on the guys I put speaking to, most fish that are taken on or simply under the surface come on these small flies. Catching big fish on small flies is always a rush, but after talking to these guys, I had been left with a nagging question. After all, this is “out west,” so they need to eat hoppers.

So the question finally arrived of my mouth and I used to be shocked by the answer. Upon asking the relevant question, I got a resounding “NO.” NO? Did they really say no just? I back again was a little taken. Despite my shock, I’ve always been one to follow the ideology of when in Rome do as the Romans do. So, I quickly dismissed the hopper question and began to prepare for small flies on light tippets mentally. I used to be taken by the high desert rock and roll and flora back. It was all so beautiful and truly captivated your brain and eye. Promptly, we pulled in to the car parking area and I opened up the hinged door.

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This was the next WOW moment. As I opened the hinged door, I was stricken by a wall structure of heat that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I strolled toward the relative back again of the SUV and met Ben coming from the other side. I mean really, it was 100 levels almost.

So, after getting slapped by the heat, Ben and I both made our way down to the river. On the real way down though, that nagging question about hoppers came back and hit me square between your eye. I had formed just walked from the parking area down a trail 25 ft long to the river’s edge and kicked up no less than fifty grasshoppers. Seriously, is it possible to feel my inner turmoil? Fifty hoppers in under half the distance and my mind was rotating. Two plus two were not accumulated! Nevertheless, I tied on my size 18’s and headed up river to the first portion of water.

When I got there I used to be in a whole condition of denial but quickly started to fish. Promptly, I had been seeing some BIG seafood relocating the slot machine I was angling really. I watched as a few came and took things off the surface up, but they wouldn’t even look at my flies. I held evaluating and watching and viewing some more. Within minutes I had been distracted by a bunch of boisterous banter from the group of fisherman up river who had apparently landed a nice fish.

I thought I noticed them say hopper. YEAH, there was that stinking word again. I looked up stream at Ben and said (with quite an attitude), do they just say hopper? I started fishing in circumstances of denial and now I would fish in absolute defiance of what I had been told concerning this place and these fish.

I immediately cut my innovator and with it the small flies that these big fish evidently didn’t want. I quickly grabbed for my hopper package and perused the selection with a critical eye looking for the right one. It was There. I grabbed it, tied it on, and couldn’t wait to launch it into the air. As soon as the soar container was put away, I targeted a good fish that had been working the far bank. OHHHH MAN I said as he nosed down. I said under my breath.

The fish emerged rocketing out of the drinking water and I immediately shouted at Ben. I am a fanatic sometimes which was one of these times. As the first fish came quickly, so did numerous others. I put into the best hopper a nice dropper and now it was as insane as any fishing situation could be.