The Tax Rules Of Gift Giving

It’s the vacation season and the time for giving. Shall I take a chance on destroying your holiday spirit by talking about gift taxes? Actually, you will likely feel a lot better once you read this. Over the years, I’ve fielded a true variety of questions associated with the taxability of presents. 20,000 for Christmas. Just how much tax do I must pay on that?

The answer always surprises them: none. 20 million and you wouldn’t owe a dime in fees. How can that be? Well, the first guideline on gift taxes is that the recipient isn’t taxed. It’s the giver who winds up with the goverment tax bill. 20,000 grand for Christmas. MAY I write that off?

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” They don’t like once I tell not only is it NOT a write off, but they could be responsible for the gift tax. First of all, what is a gift? Just about anything you give away could be subject to gift tax. Bestow all you want on your spouse. Get lavish. No present taxes for transfers to a husband or wife.

But you will have to file a present tax return if you give your spouse interest in property that will be ended by some future event. 2. Pay tuition or medical expenses for anyone–as long as you pay it right to the medical or educational institution. No tax will be due.

3. Be generous with bona fide charities – these presents are deductible rather than subject to the present tax. 4. Gifts to politics organizations aren’t subject to present tax, nor are they tax deductible. 5. Gifts, excluding gifts of future interests, that are less than the annual exclusion for the twelve months are not taxable transactions. 13,000. You can give very much without incurring a tax liability or having to file a gift tax come back.

Anything above that amount may be subject to gift tax. 26,000 (twice the annual exclusion) to a single receiver without incurring a gift tax liability. If you want to give more than the annual exclusion, you may be in a position to defer taxes on the present by applying the unified credit (from your future estate taxes) to the present. This minimizes your unified credit in future years but is an excellent tool to lawfully avoid paying present taxes now.

You remain required to file Form 709 to declare your presents. Some gifts, apart from charitable contributions, are deductible. 25 per calendar year per receiver to clients, affiliates, and employees and deduct them on your income tax return. 25 restrictions has been around since day one and I find it aggravating.

You’d think the IRS would have modified that amount for inflation. So you can’t increase this present deduction by including your partner or business partner as a giver to the same receiver. Under this description, you and your spouse or you and your business partners are considered one giver. 25–you know, like if you don’t want to appear cheap – and get the write-off you might consider offering something that could be categorized as the category of foods and entertainment.

These expenses are subject to a 50% haircut but what the heck. If you are planning to make gifts above the annual exclusion, especially this season with no property tax to be concerned about, check with your tax pro to decide how to present in the least and economical taxable method possible. Bonnie Lee is an Enrolled Agent admitted to apply and representing taxpayers in all fifty states whatsoever levels within the Internal Revenue Service.

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