Dr Georgia Lee Skincare & Consultation

Having attempted many brands of skincare in the market and not getting good results for damage that was done to my skin in my younger days – marks, I made a decision to consult Dr Georgia Lee. And so I keep on my search for porcelain clear epidermis in the form of cosmetic techniques (Aesthetics). I booked my session at TLC Lifestyle Practice (Dr Georgia Lee’s center) and after a month’s wait around, I came across my appointment cancelled just the day before my appointment. I used to be very disappointed but decided to go ahead and book another one.

After another month, I finally noticed her a couple of days ago and made a decision to blog about my experience. She recommended some lasers to me for my scars – mosaic and subcision. But as there is certainly some downtime for the lasers, I made a decision to do Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for your day.

This helped to reduce redness from the pimple marks I needed due to some acne. However, as skincare is the focus of my blog, I shall do a more detailed article on Dr Georgia Lee’s suggestion. She asked what skincare products I am currently using and I listed it on her behalf. According to her, Cleansing Oils contain emulsifiers for the oil to show milky and for this to be easily washed off and emulsifiers can cause breakouts.

So she recommended me the Dr Georgia Lee brand skincare Cleanser for sensitive pores and skin to remove makeup as I have slight sensitive pores and skin. She also suggested me never to use La Mer Creme de La Mer as it is quite rich and usually more for adult skin. So I was given by her a few options of moisturisers from her skincare series – DrGeorgiaLeeDrGeorgiaLee Moisturizer – Light, and another Hyaluronic based moisturiser which will not come under her brand and was in a clear container.

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  • 5 Beach Organics Skin Care
  • Vital Moisturizing Cream
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She told me that three moisturisers were manufactured by different companies as different companies have different specialities. Her recommendation for me was the all type of skin as it includes Vit C, which would be beneficial for my redness. I will be doing reviews on the DrGeorgiaLee skincare series once I have used it sufficiently long enough to do a proper review, and I am positive since she appears to ensure the best quality ingredients. Together with the products which were recommended to me, I am very enthusiastic to test her antiaging sunlight security also.

Contains gingko biloba leaf remove, antiaging factors and amino acids which really helps to hydrate and repair the skin while providing security against Ultra violet rays. This sunlight safety formulation is great for both face and body. Sun Protection is a very important anti-aging step and the DrGeorgiaLee sun protection contains added anti-aging benefits that would complement the sunblock and I think it is worth a try. The DrGeorgiaLee sunblock powder SPF20 has a very smooth texture and it is comfortable on the skin. It is appropriate for individuals with sensitive skin and is good for touch ups throughout the day particularly if you are under sunlight a lot.