Beauty Blog: Quick & Easy Fall Makeup Look: Plum Eyes & Mauve Lips

I love tinkering with looks at the finish of the day right before I remove my makeup, and today that I have my artificial lighting, At night time which is so convenient I can also take decent pictures. Because of this book I used Makeup Geek Showtime Foiled Eyeshadow on both my upper and lower lid and blended it out with Makeup Geek Unexpected.

I also applied a black-winged eyeliner to my top lid and lined my waterline with a black khol pencil. On the cheeks I used a glow rose blush by Catrice; the highlight is Kiko water eyeshadow in 208 and on the lips I am wearing Veronica Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills (btw, how stunning is this color? The light does wash me out a bit, so continue the brain that the colors appear just a little lighter than what they appear to be in real life.

Anyways, this is a great day to night makeup look which I kind of did since I already experienced my day face on and just added to it, and this took me significantly less than 10 minutes. Which means this requires very little time and very few products, which are great for on the run.

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All As in Rabbiyah was the husband of Zainab bint Muhammad. Thus he was the child-in-law of the prophet PBUH, and Zainab is most probably the eldest. All As’s mom was Khadija’s older sister, Haala. So Khadija is Abl As’s funny. This marriage got taken place in the times of Jaheleya. And Abl As was a loving husband – so Abl As is fighting against the Muslim and the ransom was sent to him as well.

It’s said when the random emerged, Zainab gave a few of her jewelry. One part of that was an item Khadjiah used to wear. When the prophet PBUH saw this very necklace his heart melted. The footsteps of Hala would bring the prophet PBUH to tears and Aisha RA would get jealous when Hala stopped at the prophet PBUH.

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And when Abu Suffyan noticed he said “Do they expect me to stop my money as well as my bloodstream? Let him remain in their hands – he’ll stay there so long as they need”. The only reason is that deep down inside they wouldn’t kill/torture his son.

That no matter how much he hated Islam and the prophet PBUH, he understands his son is within safe hands. He understands they will take good care of him. But he did an extremely evil deed to get his son back that goes against the principles of Islam and Jaheleya.

That is, many weeks later, one of the elderly people of Madinah came to do business in the tawaaf and Mecca. And we said many times, Mecca was a charm. It had been statutory laws, the Quraysh themselves upheld at all times. So when this sari came, Abu Suffyan kidnapped him in broad daylight and said “I will not release him until you release my son”. And so the prophet PBUH released the son of Abu Suffyan without a random: and again we start to see the dual standard of the Quraysh. That they went crazy when a safari killed someone during the sacred months. However, when their chiffon kidnaps someone in broad daylight in front of the lab’s no one utters a word.