WebFOCUS: March 2019

Nobody must panic. These interfaces permit the end user’s web browser to communicate through the net tier to the WebFOCUS Report Server. CGI identifies “Common Gateway Interface” programs which enable webpages to talk with other systems. ISAPI, or the “Internet Server Application Programming Interface,” is a Microsoft version of this technology.

There was a period in early web application development when people asked, “Should I use CGI or Java Servlets?” but those full days are over. Instead of using these legacy technologies, IB want all customers to switch with their Java Servlet method. IB says that the CGI/ISAPI calls aren’t being installed with WebFOCUS Client component as of their most up to date 7.6 releases. In Q2 of 2010, IB shall release WebFOCUS 7.7 and can “deprecate” the utilization of the CGI/ISAPI at that time.

Basically, you can still use those calls temporarily nevertheless, you have been given notice that IB will sunset the features sometime soon. Your deadline is when WebFOCUS 8.0 comes out — the legacy CGI/ISAPI features will then be eliminated, officially “desupported” by IB. If you have only developed WebFOCUS Business Intelligence applications for a couple of years, you most likely began with a Java software server (and may not even keep in mind CGIs and ISAPI phone calls).

  1. Database administrator (experienced): $70,000-$120,000
  3. Creating value for the human being aspect of the deal
  4. Does the history of the experience show that it is generating any revenue in virtually any years
  5. Does not rely on power, operates from a personal perception in their own sense of things
  6. It mixes professional and personal limitations

You will never be impacted by IB’s upsetting decision. If you have used WebFOCUS from its genesis in the mid-1990s, you probably did use CGI phone calls to build the initial web BI applications. Sometime in the last decade, however, it is very likely the CGI was decreased by you and switched to the newer Java Servlet. However, if you truly do have legacy WebFOCUS BI applications out there with CGI calls in them, Partner Intelligence’s BI Consolidator product has a feature to automatically convert your HTML pages to use Java Servlets. If you have ISAPI calls of CGIs instead, we should be able to easily handle those in an automated conversion as well. Our automated conversion application can process about 20 programs per second, so speak to us before manually accomplishing this. If you are unsure if your WebFOCUS HTML pages use CGI, Partner Intelligence can automatically scan, inventory, and discover what your logic is doing.

Obama years. Perhaps the most costly of these is the Federal guideline, eventually nullified by President Trump and the 115th Congress, giving the state’s authorization to mandate employers to provide state-administered retirement accounts. Other Obama-era rules imposed large costs on employers and employees for the mentioned purpose of providing labor unions a small advantage in recruiting members from new industries.

40 billion per 12 months. President Reagan’s Executive Order 12291 required Federal agencies to use cost-benefit evaluation to judge major rules. In addition, it helped the OIRA get more associated with regulatory acceptance. The results above claim that EO 12291 didn’t cause much deregulation (a fact ignored here), although one could argue that it constrained new regulations through the Reagan Administration and beyond. There is certainly something to the debate, but it should be noted that President Clinton weakened the Reagan order with his EO 12866 by needing only that a rule’s benefits “justify” the expenses.

In practice this means that benefits are typically described in purely qualitative conditions, which (together with other process maneuvers) allowed President Obama and others to implement rules where costs greatly exceed benefits. President Trump’s Executive Order 13771 founded cover regulations, including budget constraints for every agency. A lot of regulatory activity implemented EO 13771 (many cited above), but that connection cannot be causal entirely. Using different methods from above, Patrick McLaughlin and former OIRA administrator Susan Dudley also concluded that President Trump’s deregulation is extraordinary even when using President Reagan as a benchmark (see also here).

Without citing specific rules from the Trump period, the usual suspects dismiss statements that deregulation since 2017 has been quantitatively important in comparison to what happened during the Reagan years. Others acknowledge the variations between President’s Trump and Reagan, and attempt to explain them. Professor Marissa Golden points out that Reagan had a divided Congress to President Trump start his term with Republican majorities in both houses. Indeed, significant deregulation came into being when the 115th Congress and the Trump Administration used the Congressional Review Act to nullify several Obama-era guidelines. To that I add that President Trump happened to check out a prolific regulator (Obama), which managed to get easy to find costly rules for reduction comparatively. On the other hand, President Reagan followed Carter who had already charted the elimination of a few of the most costly regulations of his time.

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