Realized That I Actually Love Reading! I’ve Just Been Reading The Wrong Books

Realized that I actually love reading! I’ve just been reading the incorrect books. Realized that I actually love reading! I’ve just been reading the wrong books. ONCE I was young, I mainly read books that got an apparent “purpose”. Mostly business, software anatomist, command, getting things done, etc.I needed my reading to be a good investment of. We can often learn more about being a far better head and person from a book than from a work of nonfiction.

You’re right. I’ve cultivated so much from reading fiction. Maybe not in tangible ways, like “I’ve discovered how to do make websites”, or “I began a business” but in terms of psychological maturity and general understanding. You my friend. Has sparked something in my brain. Many thanks very much. Well the more you browse the more you shall know, so most books will get repeated eventually.

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