In this month’s TIME MAGAZINE was a brief article about “Reality shows that aren’t really reality” in reviewing a movie about teenagers. That phrase struck me because they’ve been really taking the new season of it show, “THE BIGGEST LOSER”. And somehow, for no good reason I can fathom, this show is wildly popular.

Susan Powter tells us that the body can only just process 2 pounds weekly of fat so do you know what folks who lose 7-10 lbs weekly are losing? Muscle tissue, bone mass, and organ meats. Not exactly what I would call healthy. How pray-tell, are these people going to have a chance to keep the weight loss off when they get back into real life and also have to do other activities besides starve and workout for hours a day? And can the sore muscles and somewhat sadistic fitness trainers render them sour on exercise forever? Studies have shown that moderate exercise is a good thing!

One of the “biggest losers” do take an interview not long ago and he said when he previously to do real things like work, he ended up re-gaining a substantial amount of weight. I believe that’s the destiny of most, if not absolutely all of the folks on that show. Kind of a no brainer if you think about it.

After all, if we lived in the Amazon Jungle without refrigerators, cars, and junk food, we’d all be slender. And a big number of us would also be dead. In 1900 when people worked 12 hours a day for 6 days weekly and didn’t have refrigerators or junk food or real tasty food (let alone the time to eat it) there is little to no obesity.

But the average life expectancy was 45 years. Now despite the “deadly weight problems epidemic” our life expectancy is 78 -80 years. Does anyone value the fitness of these people which probably is significantly threatened by this type of regime suffered on “THE LARGEST Loser” show? Are people aware of the fact that individuals occasionally die on these reality-weight loss /get fit shows?

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For example, a gastric bypass patient was selected to be in the Fit TV show “Ship out and Shape Out” She was a fairly lady named Jennifer who got a kindly nice personality. She acquired lost a bunch of weight with her surgery but was still over 200 pounds and wanted to lose more. Her fitness expert mentioned she experienced “health problems” (likely from the bypass).

She didn’t participate in all the exercises and those she did take part in, seemed a big strain on her behalf body. And about 6 months after the show was first aired, she died. She wasn’t the only person on the show who experienced. An over-40’s man almost experienced a heart attack, using one of the hikes they took (you are unable to just instantly be fit – you have to build up to it). He got all red in the facial skin, and half collapsed. Not surprising, he didn’t arrive for the reunion of the group, a few months following the show was finished filming.