Lady Gaga Says She Created Her New Makeup Line To “make My Mom Proud”

ABC/Rick RowellIn announcing her new makeup line, Lady Gaga released a declaration about how, as a kid, she was inspired by watching her mother put on makeup. Gaga tells the mag. Allure also offers the first look at Gaga’s new Haus Laboratories line, which you can pre-order starting July 15 at 3 a.m. ET. Right now, you can get three items in six shades: RIP lip liner — because “it’s to pass away for,” says Gaga — as well as Le Riot Lip Glam and Gloss Attack, a liquid-to-powder shimmer.

Certain types, such as ‘Ruby Spice’ or ‘Pink Spires’ make red buds. Make sure to plant these slow-growing bush that in a shady location, such as near an outdoor patio or pathway where you can catch the aroma. These bushes grow in medium to wet soils; make sure the bottom isn’t allowed to dry out.

Prune in the late winter. Buttonbush is an indigenous plant that develops 6-12 feet high. The glossy dark leaves lovely are, and the globular rose clusters that come in June are a unique addition to your garden. Buttonbush attracts butterflies, and ducks and geese eat the seeds of the plant. It grows partly to full shade, providing you a showy display even in shady corners of your garden.

This fragrant shrub’s maroon blooms smell just like a mixture of pineapple, strawberry, and banana. July with distinctive 2-inch blossoms The plant blossoms from May to. It grows in zones 4-9 in full or part sun. Abelia has pretty red or white funnel-shaped bouquets that are positively catnip to bees. They bloom during the autumn and summer, and you’ll hear the regular buzzing of the bees as they visit your plants. The tiny, shiny leaves look good even though the seed isn’t blooming.

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Plants get 6-8 feet tall and 12-18 in. Wide. This fast-growing bush has impressive spiked blossoms that stay from summer to autumn around. Also known as summer lilacs, the blossoms range between yellowish or white to dark purple. As the name implies, butterflies like to feed on this plant. It’s hardy in zones 5-10 and prefers full sunlight.

Be aware that this plant is considered invasive in some areas. Camellias are almost as pretty when they aren’t blooming as when they are. They have dense, shiny green leaves and showy blooms that pop-up when the elements are cooler. Camellias are Alabama’s state flower, and you’ll find them all over the South They’re hardy in zones 6-10 and prefer protection from the afternoon sun.