I Got Away From The Fitness Center

“I’ve always been a gym-goer. Admittedly, there were periods in my life where I was much more in form and active than others, but I’ve never been afraid of a fitness center or attempting new fitness classes. In my own late 20’s I experienced an extremely rough transition in life with jobs, moving and a relationship ending. I got away from the fitness center and from caring for myself truly. One day you feel great and another your jeans don’t fit or you see a picture and don’t recognize you – at least that’s how it was for me.

I do start exercising again, but I wasn’t doing it consistently – and the program wasn’t doing work for where I used to be physically. I had been frustrated because I wasn’t seeing results. I ran into a detailed friend who explained about Warrior Body and exactly how much she liked it. I filed that away and put it on my “list” of things to check out. 1. Micki’s Warrior Body classes are dynamic, challenging, and fun.

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I’ve met an incredible group of individuals who arrive to challenge themselves, support one another, and make class fun. Since starting Warrior Body, I’ve lost 10 pounds and 12.5 ins! I am heading into my wedding feeling far better about myself. But the majority of all, Personally I think about the future and what is situated beyond that better.

I have bigger goals to attain – more weight to lose, strength to get, endurance to increase. But I feel self-confident that with Warrior Body I will get there. Micki’s guidance and approach to fitness are precisely what I need to reach these goals. Micki understands that one “cheat” meal isn’t going to ruin your progress – there’s no guilt or shame. Positivity Just, motivation and encouragement. Warrior Is for everybody – female or male – no matter your fitness level, you can do this.

Feeling and seeing the body transforms to be stronger, leaner, and healthier is an amazing feeling and I’m so thankful to have been launched to Micki and the Warrior Body lifestyle. Micki’s strategy isn’t nearly exercises, it’s about fueling your system properly and appreciating where you’re at the in the process.

The smalls wins and little gains that as time passes add up to big wins and big benefits. “I met Micki Pauley after I became a member of her Warrior Body Challenge in August 2017. Micki has been so supportive of my lifestyle journey. She is stimulating and motivates me to always do my best always.

Micki is extremely knowledgeable on diet and fitness! Weekly I enjoy and appearance forwards to heading to micki’s classes 3x. Her classes should never be the same. She is switching up circuits and adding new exercises constantly, that I find incredibly refreshing. I know easily ever have any questions I could depend on Micki to help me out always, whether about food or working or even information about a sworn muscle out, she always has the answer!

Throughout this journey I have lost 18 in. But I’ve gained a lot more! My confidence level has gone up I am so much stronger mentally and physically. I am sleeping so much better and I have a complete lot more energy! I have got amazing results on my yearly blood-work even! Not only has Micki been awesome but everyone at the warrior body has been so welcoming. I have gained so many new friends and even caught up with old friends.

Rest both of your hands on your belly, or you can place them out at the sides with palms facing upward. Stay in this position for five to ten minutes and let your lower back relax. From a static back position, remove one calf from the seat and lengthen it even on the floor. You ought to have one leg bent at a 90-degree angle.