Fitness For Better Health

We are almost 3 months into 2018. So how are you progressing towards your New Year’s fitness quality? If you are a little skeptical at this point, you alone are not. This is when the excitement and exhilaration begins to dwindle. You may be beginning to feel overwhelmed, lost, and you simply aren’t sure if its all worth the effort.

You are not alone. That’s where about 50% of all fitness goals end and it’s really always for the same reasons. There are a lot of things that can get in the way of your progress and through this series I will address the 6 most common reasons the failure rate is so high. Today we’ll be working with “Unrealistic Expectations”. It’s about results versus anticipations.

This is where we tend to bite off more than we can chew up and, as due to, we arranged ourselves up for failing. What you need to do is break your ultimate goal into more possible or practical benchmarks. A route is designed by These benchmarks communicate ultimate goal and should be time dated to monitor your progress. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds in the next six months establish checkpoints every thirty days.

At these checkpoints, reward yourself if the mark is hit by you. What kind of reward? It should be unique to your preferences, and should serve as a noticeable reminder of your progress also. If you didn’t hit the mark, evaluate why and make the required changes to reunite on track.

This provides you with visible results in digestible bites and retains your fuel tank full. Bottom line, remaining fit is a challenge always. Be it diet, exercise, motivation, time, or accountability, your success shall always be dependent on the road you create and the well-timed modifications you make. Another checkpoint in this series will be “Developing the proper Plan and Accountability”. Until then, enjoy your trip to raised health and fitness.

4. Focus on power and health and what this means to you, rather than on numbers on a scale. Many people can get easily discouraged and give up when there’s too much emphasis on weight reduction. Rather than an exclusive concentrate on weight loss, focus on the joys of movement and exercise instead. Take pride in your body getting stronger or your brand-new ability to able to exercise longer, even if it’s just in baby steps.

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  • 3rd Method: Qigong for the Brain/Mind: (Photo No. 4)
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Think about the great way your system feels after exercise and the exhilaration you are feeling. Taking the time to consider what connects you to exercise with an emotional level really, is powerful because you may use those thoughts to inspire you. Probably what motivates you operates more deeply than getting skinnier or being truly a specific set of three numbers on a scale.

Identify what it is for you. Maybe you want more energy for your children or grandchildren or you want to be in more control of your health-whatever is your primary motivation-connect to it. 5. Add strength training to your every week routine. Exercise isn’t just cardio by itself. Weight training is important to retain muscle as you age critically, have a strong body and a highly effective metabolism.