Accu Rip Circular Saw Guide – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? While browsing videos online for DIY rip guides I saw a video showing the Accu Rip guide (available at HD). Is this something that the casual DIY user might find beneficial or something that leaves too much to be desired?

I move too fast (for an old man) to be fitted and unfitting my group noticed to a rip guide. I thought that’s why I have a table saw. Even easily need to cut larger pieces of plank, I can rough cut them 1/4 long and finish them up for grabs saw.

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I couldn’t in good conscience give any thumbs through to it. BUT, if you see a dependence on it in your plans, it does seem to be a well-made product for the price. I’d make an effort to talk someone out of buying more tools I use a small desk noticed to rip thin stock.

For ripping a sheet of plywood lengthwise, I clamp an 8 feet. Just my 2 cents. When I was in the business, I hardly went a day without using a circular saw rip guide. I had a difficult and fast rule, never buy a circular saw unless I could get a rip guide to fit it.

However I’m not familiar with the main one you posted. I always just use those that fit in the shoe slot machine games. I saw a few alleged pros using a hooked thumb and the results were wavy as hades. I don’t believe I’ve used that one brand but I’ve used similar and found it to become more trouble than it was worth. Geeze just looking in the bottom of the door could have made a sailor seasick it was so wavy.

I can, and have done the finger thingy. I use my index finger back doubled. I take advantage of a left-handed saw also, so it can change lives. I don’t do it often, because of the cheap wood we are forced to utilize nowadays will splinter too easily and the splinters end up in my finger I appreciate all the replies. THEREFORE I bought one at Lowes (satisfaction promise plus veteran discount) and gave it a try.

I have six bed sheets of plywood that need to be ripped to a 36-inch width. It took a great deal of fiddle-farting to add the guide to my Dewalt because of the ribbing at the top of the foot. But after relocating the bevel adjustment clamp to clear the rip guide, I made my first rip down the long edge of a sheet of plywood.

Except I had been 1/16 off because I forgot to include the blade width in the setup. I found that when the guide is mounted on the saw, it’s a headache to find somewhere to put the saw between cuts. I required the guide off and put it back again on a couple hours later. A hassle Still. The clamped guide method began to look increasingly more appealing.

And more flexible. THEREFORE I made an 8-foot rip guide custom-set to my saw utilizing the methods in videos that I came across on the internet. Penciled my cut line, clamped the guide set up and let ‘er rip (bad pun, I know). 30 back again. As well as the OL will be happy about this.

I’m eyeing the porter-cable circular saws but am uncertain if I want cutter right or still left. Cutting Pavers with Circular Saw am a home owner that has some 12×12 papers that are about 1.5 ins roughly thick. I’d like to trim some of them therefore I can fit them into odd places. Circular Saw: Exactly what is a Worm-Drive?