Brief SUMMARY OF Cold Room Components And Parts

Cold rooms are used on large industrial level or big food self storage as they have a very ample capacity and can store large stocks of food. Polyurethane foaming materials that can be used for filling the interstices between anatomizes. Various metal panel folding and inside and outside wall structure. Curtain, which is air wind. Frozen door with standard manual. The compressors and condensation systems.

Ceiling device cooler, copper pipes that have aluminum radiating fins, quality steel plate outer shell with plastic material covering and electro thermal melting Frost. Pipeline connecting refrigeration. Expansion and Refrigeration valve. Refrigeration pipe along with heat preservation. Machine units, device coolers, starting wires and wire-threading pipes that are found in room lighting. Complete electrical automated control system.

Water-flowing pipes, melting Frost, preserving cool electric warm wires and heat preservation in the melting water-flowing tube. R22 refrigerant or other refrigerants. Various other auxiliary parts like airproof ointment, numerous kinds of steel, fasteners, rivet, and eating parts. Cold storage space compressors have a compact body, wear well, and wide-ranging applications.

Refrigerant compressor adopts a competent condenser and gives full play to the condenser of the effect of warmth transfer. They adopt a sophisticated level of technology and equipment for creation to ensure a reliable production quality and dried out filter, liquid display screen, hands valve, solenoid valves, and electrical control box based on the requirement. The quickness of the air-cooled condenser is low and it has big air quantity and high efficiency of the blower.

The air-cooled condensers have low noise and it works easily. The fresh air cooled condensers make use of independent switch, are safe and convenient also. Fans have high waterproof motor and has longevity. These condensers use high-grade smooth pipe, long life, and they easily do not corrode. The coil out-frame is made by high quality steel plate which includes high strength, are corrosion resistant with a simple to put together. It uses thin-walled brass and the punching the next planting create an extremely efficient aluminum fins from the mechanical expanding.

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They have a high efficiency of high-temperature conduction and uses anti-moisture fan, low temperature resistant, air volume, low noise, and reliable operation. It uses stainless tube electric defrosting system, coil pipe which is electrically warmed. It uses quality steel panel and spray technology and it is corrosion resistant. It really is installed in the very best of the hinged door, blow lower temperature to divide the environment in an out of the room through which the chilly air loss can be prevented.

It is favored by many users because of its nice, slick design, dependability, and better price. Digital control containers can be assessed within the known degree of the liquid, weight, and temperature for a number of objects. A transfinite is got by them alarm function along with high security. They match 380 V or 220 V external sockets with the duty of a small distribution electronic box.