As An Unashamed Bookworm

As an unashamed bookworm, I cannot envision a life without reading. Which explains why I was sad to learn that one in six adults in the UK challenges with reading and one in three doesn’t read for pleasure. People’s reasons for not reading are assorted: some say they find books intimidating, that they battle to find enough time or that books are difficult or uninteresting. The Quick Reads campaign sets out to challenge these beliefs and to show that everyone can enjoy reading. Each year those clever sorts behind the advertising campaign payment big name writers to write short books that are specifically made to be simpler to read.

I’d never read a self-help reserve before – always assuming ‘they weren’t for me’ – but Feel worries & TAKE ACTION Anyway are such a famous title that I was undeniably wondering. In addition to the special abridged version appeared like the perfect way to dip my toes into the global world of self-help.

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Dead Simple is a collection of specially written short stories from a few of the UK’s best crime writers. With each tale only 10-15 pages long, it is the perfect collection for dipping into on your commute or for reading a tale before bed (if you are not easily freaked out, that is). The complete tales ranged from smart, to funny to plain gruesome just, but all were quirky and compelled me to keep turning the webpages – in truth, I read the full book in one sitting.

The Other Side of You is a re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast, set in a London property torn aside by gangs, violence, and drugs. After witnessing a murder, a teenager Will must run for his life, leaving him homeless and vulnerable. Forced into petty theft to survive but with bigger aspirations, Will has to select from his bad and good edges. The book draws on Craig’s discussions with gang members and her connection with fighting a burglar in her own home (‘He was a person who had taken an incorrect path in life, and I kept wondering what had resulted in this’).

Tackling class, competition, and spiritual divides, The Other Side of You is a lot more than your typical coming-of-age story. All six books are now available for just £1 from most major bookshops or can be borrowed from libraries. Post is in cooperation with Quick Reads but all opinions are my very own. I really blooming love books.

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